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Tow in/out adjustment Empty Tow in/out adjustment

Post by Handyhiker on Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:30 am

I was in the garage just looking over the Ranger yesterday and the front end looked a bit odd. The tires looked like they were towed out quite a bit. I grabbed a board and laid it touching both sides of the rear tire and next to the front tire. Holy shit!! My toe out was around 2". I couldn't believe it. I ran the Ranger out side and brought it back in the garage in a straight line. Sure enough, 2" out!! So I set the steering wheel straight and adjusted both sides to match the wheel. I am now at 1/8" to a max of 1/4 inch towed out, I tried to be on the straighter side of the spec. Specs are 1/8 to 1/4 inch toed out.

2011 500 EFI Ranger, Sage Green
Full metal cab, Soft doors, Glass tip out shield, Windshield wiper, 60" Glacier plow, 42" Loader bucket, 3500# Polaris winch, Benz silent rider exhaust, Rubber bed mat, Bluetooth speaker, MP3/GPS/Smartphone mount, 20,000 Btu budget cab heater, L.E.D. driving lights, L.E.D. dome light, 35 Watt, 5000K HID head lights, Two 27Watt rear bed/load lights, Running board style nerf bars. UTV pulled trailer, Hitch mount cargo carrier.
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